Trade Cancellation Request

You can bust a trade using the Order Cancellation Request form. After you submit this form to inform us of problem or erroneous trades, we will report these trades to the appropriate exchange on a best efforts basis. Please note that this is a time-sensitive process. Most exchanges have very short time periods (as little as 8 minutes), during which they will accept a request for cancellation.

We recommend that traders find and report problematic trades using this tool and thereafter follow up immediately, contacting us by telephone. In addition to uncertainties in response speed, trade cancellation requests initiated by telephone are prone to delays identifying the correct account and transactions.

  1. Click Help > Support Center > Trade Cancellation Request.
  2. The Order Cancellation Form opens.

    You can also access the Order Cancellation Request by clicking the Compose button in the Message Center.

  3. Select the Account in which the trade occurred, the date of the trade (based on Eastern Standard Time), and contract type from the drop-downs.
  4. Click Get Trades to display all available trades of the selected instrument type on the selected date.
  5. Type the reason for the request in the Reason for Request box.
  6. Read the statement at the bottom of the form, then click the check box to confirm your agreement.
  7. Click Submit to submit the form.