DocuSign allows the user to securely submit their electronic signature remotely from virtually anywhere, on any device. Electronic signatures are more secure than paper and email attachments.

The Docusign option will be available to advisors on the App Status page (along with the legacy PDF method) - only if the client's phone number has been verified.

The process is as follows:

  • During the semi-electronic application, the Advisor must enter the correct mobile number that is associated with the account holder.

  • If we can match the number to the name (account title) using third party data, the FA will have two options on the Application Status page

    • DocuSign - Advisors will have the option to send a DocuSign link to the client which will allow the client to sign the application package electronically.

    • PDF- For maximum flexibility, advisors will still have the option to use the legacy method for completing an application (generate the PDF for the client to hand sign).

  • Once the client completes the DocuSign package

    • The documents will be automatically be returned to IBKR and marked as signed in our system.

    • The client will receive an email confirming the submission is complete which provides access to a copy of the signed documents.

    • Advisors will receive a notification that the client has completed the application package.

Note: This offering is only available to US based Advisors for individual and IRA accounts.

Note: Only documents which we accept a DocuSign signature will appear in the document package. Documents that require a physical signatures, such as SPOA, will not be included.

Primary users and secondary users with the appropriate access rights can utilize this feature.