Model Portfolio

Advisors can use Model Portfolios to easily invest some or all of a client's assets into one or multiple custom-created portfolios, rather than tediously managing individual investments in single instruments. Models allow the advisor to establish target percentage allocations for the custom portfolio, and to re-balance as desired using this technology.

A Model Portfolio can invest in stocks and single leg positions. The advisor can choose to establish target percentage allocations or to keep them dynamic, investing a portion of clients' funds into the portfolio and then simply trading the model's assets. Trades made in a Model Portfolio are automatically allocated as specified among the invested clients' accounts

Before you can use Model Portfolios for your advisor account, you need to have the functionality enabled.

  1. Click the User menu (head and shoulders icon in the top right corner) > Settings > Account Configuration.

  2. Select Model Portfolio

  3. Click on the check-box to the right of Configure Model Portfolios and select continue.

For more information please see Model Portfolios.