The Trading panel on the Account Settings screen lets you configure the following account settings:

  • Trading Restrictions - Manage trading restrictions in the Pre-Trade Compliance Tool.
  • Create, Move, Link or Partition an Account - Create a new linked account, link existing accounts, move your account to an Advisor-managed account, or divide your account into multiple partitions.
  • Close Account - Close your account.
  • Large Trader ID - Configure your account to use your SEC Large Trader ID number(s).
  • Client Trading - The option to enable trading for all sub account.
  • Trade in Fractions Program - Trading fractional shares allows your clients to invest in companies which they may not be able to afford the full share price.
  • Model Marketplace - Browse all models, or filter on Risk, Asset Class, attributes like Global asset allocation or Sector Selection, and Rebalance Frequency.