American Express Card

The Interactive Brokers American Express Card lets you borrow against your account to spend anywhere American Express Card is accepted around the world.


  • The American Express International Dollar Card is designed for residents of Latin America and the Caribbean (excluding Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands).
    • Information such as a current proof of address (e.g., water, gas, electric, landline telephone bill from the past 60 days), a copy of your passport, and your IBKR account number will be required as part of the American Express application process.

  • Your IBKR account must have a net liquidation value (NLV) of USD $100,000 or greater.

Eligible clients can apply for an American Express International Dollar Card from Portal by logging in and navigating to the Transfer & Pay > American Express menu item or by selecting one of the links below.

  • Select the Apply Now button and you will be brought to the American Express website to complete the application.

  • Once the application has been submitted IBKR will send a welcome email with instructions on how to sign the American Express agreement.