Preview Version 0.05 Rapid Order Entry Enhancements, Option Chain List View

This version of IBKR Desktop includes:

Rapid Order Entry Enhancements

Use Rapid Order Entry to quickly create an order using basic order parameters. Rapid Order Entry is available from the Buy and Sell buttons in Quote Panel, and also by clicking the Bid or Ask price from a Watchlist or in the Option Chain. Quickly update the limit price for an order by clicking in the Limit Price field to display the Price Wand.

Option Chain List View

Now toggle between "Tabbed" and "List" views in the Option Chain. The default "Tabbed" view lists the expiration dates along the top as tabs and only shows options for a single expiration. "List" view shows multiple expirations listed along the left side. Expand to show options for that expiration date. Expand multiple dates to show options for multiple expirations at the same time.

To change views, click the "View" icon (in blue in both images below) to the left of the gear icon.

Tabbed View

List View

New & Research Added to Quote Page

Our customizable News & Research tool is now accessible as a tab in the Quote page .

More Hotkeys Added

In addition to the Platform controls, we've added support for trading actions hotkeys. Hotkeys allow you to perform an action quickly using keyboard controls. Latest updates include order entry hotkey combinations, like Ctrl + B for a buy limit order and Ctrl + Shift + A for a sell market order. You can also create custom hotkeys using the New Custom Hotkey command in the Preferences > Hotkeys > Order Entry page.

Sparkline Charts in Watchlists

You can now add the "Trend" column to a view in your Watchlist to see a small trend chart showing a security's price performance for the day. This field has already been added to the Watchlist view.