Preview Version 0.02: Welcome to IBKR Desktop

We're excited to introduce IBKR Desktop, our still-in-development platform built from the ground up using a more modern UI framework with simplified navigation. The perfect alternative for active clients who prefer a more lightweight platform, IBKR Desktop includes the most popular tools from our flagship TWS with the same great order execution. Take a look at what's in the pipeline.

This app is uncluttered and simple to navigate. There is no trading "menu" system. Open main pages from the left side icon panel, and use tabs within specific tools for related features. See below for instruction on how to complete common tasks:

To submit an order, click the Buy or Sell button to open the Order Ticket!

Available Features

The current preview release includes (but is not limited to) these tools and features. Select a feature to find out more.


The Portfolio page has three tabs:

  • Portfolio

  • Order & Trades

  • Balances

Open the Portfolio from the Left Side Icon panel.

Order Panel

The Order Panel stays pinned to the right side, so you see it when you're in the Portfolio, Watchlist. and Quote page (shown above). Click the Buy or Sell button to open the Order Ticket.

This panel also includes:

  • Quote details

  • Thumbnail Chart

  • Position information with Close Position

  • News

  • Calendar Events

  • Key Metrics

  • Contract Description

  • Fundamentals Explorer

  • Margin Impact


Use the expand/contract icon in the top right of the Watchlist to hide the Order Ticket panel and see more Watchlist columns. Open Watchlist from the Left Side Icon panel.

  1. Change view of columns. Create new views using the gear icon. COMING SOON!

  2. Click "+" to create or import a Watchlist.

  3. Expand/contract view. In this example see more Watchlist values. Click again to reset the view.


The Quote page includes three panels:

  • On the far left is the Financial Instruments list. Use the drop-down to select the source of the list.

  • The center includes a chart (see Advanced Charts below) that reflects the instrument you selected in Financial Instrument list.

  • The far right shows the Order Panel.

Open the Quote page from the Left Side Icon panel.

Advanced Charts

The center of the Quote page includes our Advanced Chart. Apply indicators, change the interval and time periods. Use the Multi-charts icon to display multiple charts in the selected layout. Use the Sync in Layout section to specify what features will be shared by all charts. To use different symbols, de-select "Symbol."

Option Chain

Access from the left-side Quote icon. Click the Option Chain tab to open.

  • You'll see options for the selected instrument. Change the instrument from the Quote list, or use the "Enter Symbol" search bar.

  • Click on a call or put to select this option.

  • Note the expand/contract icons on the top right and top left sides of the Option Chain tool. use these to expand the tool over the Quote or Order Ticket panel.

  • Click the Strategy Builder toggle to create multi-leg combination orders.

Strategy Builder

Click a call or a put at a specific strike price to add the leg to the Strategy Builder.

  • Click the Bid for a Sell order. Click the Ask for a Buy order.

  • You can add up to six (6) legs for a single combination order, including a stock leg.

  • Click Place Order to open the Order Ticket. Make necessary changes if needed, then Submit.

Performance Profile

Performance Profile is available in the right panel when clicking an option or a combo in Portfolio, Watchlist, and Quote page. When clicking on a single contract that is not owned, the performance profile will assume the potential performance of 1 long contract. When Strategy Builder is on it will assume performance of buying a quantity of 1 as well.

Trade Futures Options

Use the Option Chain to trade options on futures contracts. Simply add the futures contract to a Watchlist, select the instrument and use the Option Chain to trade.

Option Rollover

From your Portfolio, use the right-click menu to select the option contract or combo that you would like to roll. Alternatively, use the Rollover button from the Position section of the Quote page.

In the Option Chain, the option or combination position you want to roll is pre-populated. Next you need to select the contract into which you want to roll this position. Choose a later date in the tabbed view, then select the contract to roll into.

When the contract you would like to roll into is selected, click Roll Contract. The order ticket will default to rolling the entire position; but adjustments can be made in the Quantity section if you would like to do a partial roll.

Exercise/Lapse Options

The Exercise/Lapse tool is available only for long positions.

From your Portfolio, use the right-click menu to select the long option contract that you would like to exercise or lapse. Alternatively, use the Exercise/Lapse button from the Position section of the Quote page.

From the Exercise/Lapse window, choose the number of contracts you would like to Exercise or Hold. Note: On the last trading day you can elect a quantity to lapse. You can also make this request final by toggling on Make Final.

Click Submit. See details in the Orders & Trades tab in your Portfolio.

Notification Center

Use the notification/alerts icon in the top right of the platform to open the Notification Center. Review notifications, set Market Alerts, manage FYIs, and set Delivery Preferences. Click the gear icon to display Notification Settings.


Feedback Icon

Open the Feedback page from the "Thumbs Up" icon in the Left Side Icon panel. Your feedback is truly important to us. Use this feature at any time if you see something you like or want to tell us about.

Support Center

Open the Support Center from the "Question Mark" icon in the Left Side Icon panel. Trouble shoot and find information.


Open configuration settings from the Left Side Icon panel. The current beta release includes:

  • Display: Change theme from light to dark. No need to restart, the change is instant.

  • Columns: Manage columns that are shown in specific tools. Currently column customization is only available for Watchlists. You can modify the Basic view by adding, removing and repositioning columns, or create a new group and switch between the two.

  • Trading: Define trading presets. Presets allow you to improve trading speed by defining often-used values - like order size, order type, time-in-force etc - as your new default values. You can change these on a per-order basis as needed and update your defaults in the Preset page at any time! You can also define precautionary limits like maximum order size and total value limits.

    IBKR Desktop does not include all of the Presets in TWS. Presets that you have defined in TWS that are not available in IBKR Desktop will STILL be applied to IBKR Desktop orders.

What's in the Pipeline?

Remember that this platform is a work in progress. We know that you'll be looking for items that are in the pipeline but not yet in the preview version. Items currently in the development pipeline include:

  • Rapid Order Entry

  • Window Management

  • Layout customization

  • Global Column Customization

  • Option Chain Customization

  • More Order Types

  • Additional Product Types

  • Hotkey Order Entry

  • Market Depth - Level II

  • Market Scanners