Beta Build 10.30: Option Liquidity Tool

Option Liquidity Tool

IBUSOPT, an order destination for US equity and index options, is offers the opportunity for clients to interact with IBKR SmartRoutedTM order flow and have their orders filled in between the National Best Bid/Offer (NBBO). The IBUSOPT destination helps traders execute options trades more efficiently and effectively and helps achieve better executions by providing traders with more control over their trades by supporting different order types.

The Option Liquidity Tool leverages our IBUSOPT destination by automating the bidding and offering of selected options sent there, while staying within client-defined risk limits.


  • Currently, the Option Liquidity Tool is available to users who have the US Options Bundle with Level 3 or Level 4 options trading permissions.

  • Available to both retail traders and Advisor Client accounts.

To access the Option Liquidity Tool:

  • Classic TWS: From the Trading Tools menu select Option Liquidity Tool.

  • Mosaic: Use the New Window drop down and from the Option Tools section select Advanced Option Tools and then select Option Liquidity Tool.