Activating Your Digital Security Card+

Activate Your Security Device in Portal

  1. Click Settings > Security > Secure Login System. The Secure Login System page appears by default.

  2. Click the Activate button next to the Secure Login Device you want to activate.

    • Turn on your device by pressing the press button until the PIN> display appears.

    • Using the numbers keyboard on the card, enter the 4-digit PIN code you specified at the time you requested the device, then press the OK button.

    • When the CHALLNG> display appears on the device, enter the 6-digit Challenge Code from the login screen into the device, then press the OK button.

    • A response code will appear. Enter the 8digit response code into the Passcode box.

  3. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the activation process.

    You have 14 days from the day we mail you your Security Device to activate the device in Portal. After 14 days, you are required to use the device to log in to Portal and Trader Workstation. If you receive the device before 14 days, you can access Portal and our desktop trading platform without using the device until you activate it or until 14 days have passed. Once you activate the device, you must use it to log in to Portal and our desktop trading platform.

    You will be asked to follow a series of steps which require that you supply information sent to you upon subscription to confirm your identity and register your personal device.

    Once your device has been activated, each login attempt to either Portal or Trader Workstation will require the two authentication factors – your username and password combination and the security code generated by your device.