Multiple Two-Factor (M2FS)

Multiple Two-Factor allows any client to maintain more than one active security device at the same time. You no longer need to choose between a physical security device and the IBKR Mobile app, as either can be used interchangeably. If you already possess an active physical security device, any further device activation will result in both devices remaining simultaneously active.

Setting up Multiple Two-Factor Authentication:

  • If you currently use a physical security device, you may download and activate the IBKR Mobile app.

  • If you currently use the IBKR Mobile app and have an account balance equal or greater than USD 1 million (or equivalent), you qualify for the Digital Security Card+ and can request the card by logging in to Portal.

Logging in using Multiple Two-actor Authentication:

  • Log in to a Trading Platform or Portal

    • Enter your username and password

    • Click Login

    • If the credentials have been accepted, a d rop-down will appear, allowing you to select Second-Factor Device.

      Portal Login

      TWS Login

    • Once you select a security device, you will now be presented with the corresponding screen for authentication.

    • If the Second-Factor authentication succeeds, the log in will now automatically proceed.