Replacing a DSC+ Device

If you are returning your DSC+ device because you need a replacement device:

  • Please contact our Client Services team at a number below so that we can provide you with a temporary security code to allow access to your account until you receive a new device.


  1. IBKR operates a Global Client Services desk. When contacting Client Services, the representative assisting may be an employee of an IBKR affiliate acting on behalf of the entity in which you hold your account. (For example, an IBLLC client may call the US service desk and be assisted by a representative of IBHK providing service on behalf of IBLLC).

  2. Client support is not available on Saturday and has limited hours on Sunday.

  3. Please note that the Toll-Free number may not be available in all locations. In the event you are unable to reach IBKR using the Toll-Free number listed above, please utilize the Direct Dial number.

  4. The Toll-Free number is only accessible from Russia.

  5. Calls originating outside of a Toll-Free number's region will incur international charges.

Note: A USD 20.00 replacement fee will be charged to your account if the device is lost, stolen or damaged. There is no fee assessed if the device is returned due to a battery failure.