Level II Market Depth Window

The Market Depth window is a minimized version of the full TWS Market Depth Trader. Note that when you open the Market Depth from within the Mosaic, it is automatically linked to the primary Mosaic windows group and is populated with that underlying. To unlink or link to other tools, use Windows Grouping.

To Open the Market Depth Window

  1. From Mosaic - From the New Window button select Market Depth.

    From Classic TWS - From the Trading Tools menu select Market Depth.

  2. Market Depth lines are shaded by price group for easy distinction. It's easy to create an order at a specific price level by simply clicking a price in the Bid (left) or Ask (right) column.

To Create a Market Depth Order

  1. Click a Bid or Ask price. In the Order Entry window, the order line is populated with the default Bid or Ask price.

  2. Select Buy or Sell and modify the order parameters as desired.

  3. Click Submit to transmit the order.