Fox Dark Attack™

Liquidity seeking dark strategy with the ability to dynamically slide between targeted levels with a single numeric input in an effort to minimize market impact. Ability to access major dark pools and hidden liquidity at lit venues. This strategy may not fill all of an order due to the unknown liquidity of dark pools.

Field Name


Valid Values/ Default Value

Effective Time

Optional. Set the time to begin the order.

Between market open and market close, and prior to Expire Time (if set).

Defaults to immediately.

Expire Time

Optional. Time/date for the order to expire.

Between market open and market close, and after Effective Time (if set).

Defaults to market close if not set.

Dark Minimum Fill Quantity

Optional. The minimum fill quantity in a dark pool.

If set, must be greater than or equal to the lot size.

Dark Attack

Optional. Whether or not to favor dark pools.

0 - Do not favor dark pools

1 - Least aggressive

10 - Most aggressive

Will default to 0.

Dollar Certain Limit

Optional. The maximum acceptable dollar amount of the trade, including Dollar Certain Commission. Used to trade by dollar amount.


Dollar Certain Commission

Optional. The commission cost on a cents-per-share basis, e.g. 0.1 = 1 cent


Dollar Certain Execution checkbox

Optional. Check to determine the order quantity by dollar value. Must be checked for other "Dollar Certain" fields to be valid.

If checked, Dollar Certain Limit at least must be defined.