Jefferies Finale

Benchmark algo that lets you trade into the close.


Number Description

Choose TOC to use the Finale algo.


Start Time – (optional) Define the algo start time.

3 Urgency (optional) – Set the degree of urgency for execution. a. Passive b. Active c. Aggressive

Close Unit (optional) Used to determine type of Close Quantity value.

  • Shares
  • % of Order
  • % of ADV
  • % of Expected Open
5 Close Qty - (optional) - This field combines with Close Unit field to determine the quantity that will be placed into the closing auction. Positive numbers only. For an Close Unit = Shares, Close Qty must be equal to or greater than 1 round lot. For any % option, value should be less than or equal to 100.

To use Jefferies algos, select JEFFALGO as the routing destination.