Jefferies Pairs - Net Returns

Lets you execute two stock orders simultaneously. Use Net Returns to unwind a deal.

Number Description

Select TR to choose the Net Return pairs algo.


(optional) Set a start time


(optional) Set an end time


Volume Limit - (optional) Max rate of volume

5 Pair ID (required) - Unique ID for the day. Must be unique per pair, per date. Specify on both legs of the pair. Limited to 28 characters.

Balance (optional) -

  • Share Balanced
  • Cash Balanced
  • Ratio Balanced

Execution Style (optional) -

  • Active
  • TWAP
  • Aggressive
  • Custom
8 Leg Threshold - Expressed as a percentage by for values up to 99. Values of 100 or greater will be interpreted as a share amount.

Pair Benchmark (required) -

  • PNC
  • Open
  • Arrival Price
10 Pair Spread ($) (optional) - Positive or negative values accepted.
11 Pair Spread Operator (required) - greater than or equal to; less than or equal to.

To use Jefferies algos, select JEFFALGO as the routing destination.