QB Bolt

Achieve best execution across wide-ranging market conditions with swift execution that strikes the perfect balance between passive and aggressive fills.

To access QBALGOS from Mosaic Order Entry

Click "advanced" to display more order parameters.

From the Destination field select QBALGO.

From the Algo parameters list, select the QB Algo to use, in this case select Bolt.

Click the "star" icon to add QBALGOs to the favorites list. Going forward, it will appear as a selection in the order type field and you can select it without going into the advanced window.

Use the QB Bolt algo with a Limit or Market order (Market generally recommended).


Field Name


Valid Values/ Default Value

Start Time Optional: Set a start time if desired.  
End Time Set an end time. Required if Duration is not set.
Duration (Minutes) Set the maximum time to work the order, in minutes. Required is End Time is not set.
Mode Define the aggressiveness of the order.

Passive: Sophisticated multi-level pegging without crossing the spread.

Normal (used as the default if not defined): Perfect balance of passive and aggressive.

Aggressive: Urgently seeks liquidity.

Volume % A threshold for market participation. Enter percentage of volume. Note that if the order is sufficiently large, this may prevent the order from completing. From 0.0 to 1.0
Event Pause For significant economic events, instruct the algo whether is should complete the order ahead of the event, or pause the order during the event.

Pause Trading

Trade Through

Set to "pause" by default if not defined.

No cleanup Order will attempt to complete by the end time if left unchecked. Check to disable cleanup and allow order to sweep for available liquidity.