IBKR ATS Pegged-to-Midpoint

The IBKR ATS Pegged-to-Midpoint (w/optional offsets) seeks to fill by resting liquidity at the midpoint of the National Best Bid and Offer (NBBO). Unlike the standard Pegged-to-Midpoint order, the IBKR ATS Pegged-to-Midpoint order type also lets you compete for liquidity by applying an optional offset to the NBBO midpoint.

To submit Pegged-to-Midpoint order to IBKR ATS using offsets


Select the US stock you want to trade and click the BUY or SELL button.

Expand the advanced panel, and from the list of destinations select IBKRATS.

In the order types field, use the drop-down to select PEG MID. Note the offset fields that are displayed in the advanced panel.

In the first offset field, enter the offset you want to add to (SELL) or subtract from (BUY) the midpoint. Note that the secondary offset value is set by default.

Submit the order.


Click the Bid (SELL) or Ask (BUY) price to create the order line.

In the Destination field select IBKRATS.

In the Type field select PEG MID.

Click the Offset field to open the Order Ticket.

Find out more in the IBKR ATS Pegged-to-Midpoint order types page.

To view a short video and additional information on this topic, please click here.