Message Center

The Message Center allows you to communicate securely with Interactive Brokers Client Services. You can create support tickets, view responses from Client Services, and manage your inquiries.

  1. Click the Help icon on the top right of the screen and select Secure Message Center.

Use the Message Center to:

The Message Center includes the following features:

  • Every inquiry is assigned a reference number, called a ticket. This reference number can be used to efficiently track the progress of the inquiry.
  • The real-time status of an inquiry is always displayed in the main Message Center window. You will know if the issue has been picked up by an service expert, which expert is handling your issue, and whether it is being addressed by our main help team or by a specialty team.
  • Both clients and staff can refine or add information to the ticket, permitting easy clarifications or follow up to the original inquiry. In addition, clients can cancel or close tickets once the issue has been addressed, giving them greater control over the process.
  • History of both open and completed inquiries.
  • Fast response - Tickets are assigned to an representative usually within a few minutes and always within 2 hours during European and North American trading hours. During Asian trading hours, response times may be longer.
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